An interactive experience developed in (just over) 8 hours.

By Philip Buchanan
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Eight Hour
Estelle was eight and a half years old and lived in a big castle.
It was lonely in the castle.

The Governess never let her do anything interesting.
But when the Governess wasn't looking, Estelle would creep quietly out the door
and into the tangled forest beyond the castle walls.
In the forest Estelle felt free. She sang to the birds and watched the squirrels and avoided the spiders.
Deep in the forest she found a small glade.
In the middle sat a strange egg. It glittered when held in the sun.
The egg cracked when she tapped it.
Estelle sung to the dragon as it ate and ate and grew and grew.
It followed Estelle back to the castle.

The Governess was not happy. But she couldn't catch the dragon.
Estelle fed it 12 spiders every day, and lived much more happily ever after.
The End
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